Professional Home Theater Setup

Home theater setup can be confusing but New York IT Service can be at your home within a few hours to get your system up and running. We have been helping customers with projects just like this for more than a decade.

As experienced and reputable home theater installers, we do much more than set up a project and screen. Instead, we have installed some of the most prestigious home theater systems in the nation. Our satisfied clients include homeowners from the Hamptons to New York City and beyond.

Our home theater installations include full custom systems, screens, speakers, projectors, and anything else you want. Most importantly, only professional AV experts perform the home theater installation. We know how to properly install every component of your new home audio and video system.


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Home Sound Installation

Do you like to entertain? Imagine your entire home moving to the rhythm the music of your favorite artist. What better way to do it than by wiring every room for sound. Perhaps, you want a quiet evening on your patio with soft music playing in the background. The choice is yours when you have whole-house audio at your fingertips.

Whether you prefer in-wall controls, remotes, or touchscreen capability from your smart device, we can make it happen for you. We can also install flush-mounted speakers that blend seamlessly into your space in any room. Or, if you prefer, we offer wireless options as well.  Explore your home audio solutions by reaching out to our AV experts.


Home Automation

The world of smart home automation is deceptively simple. The technology is fun to use and easy to learn, and it adds a lot of convenience to your daily life.

But the simplicity of smart technology can mislead users into thinking it’s easy to craft a fully functioning ecosystem throughout your entire property.

That’s why you want to work with a smart home company you can trust. One with an established record of successful projects and ongoing success.

Smart Home Installation

Mobile Control

Be able to have full control of your smart home from your mobile device.


Adjust lights remotely, set lighting schedules and use 75% less energy


Auto-Adjust your homes temperature based on your city's climate and your energy use

Locks and Cameras

Control and monitor who accesses your home and keep and eye out for package deliveries for theft

A smart home is the use of automation that connects devices or systems around a home. They give the homeowner the ability to control countless systems from a central device, most commonly these days that means their smartphone or smart speaker.

With the rising popularity of connected devices and services, smart home installation companies are seeing more and more requests for this kind of connectivity. For the cost-conscious consumer, right smart home devices can save money in the long run. Things like smart thermostats, lights, door locks, sprinklers, TVs, and alarms are among the most popular, though home appliances like fridges, washers, and dryers are gaining in popularity as well.